The Radical Agnostic. Ep 120 Part 2. Pandora’s Malware

Mark and John dive in to the latest research on deception, the polygraph, and how to beat it. Then we give more top-notch documentary recommendations, including one which presents a chilling tale linking corporate power, Muammar Gaddafi, and punk culture. We scoot on to a fascinating new bill by which the whole Senate hopes to test Trump. From there it’s the most sophisticated and dangerous computer virus ever created, and the Pandora’s Box it opened. Next, is that John criticizing Bernie? We flow into John’s theory on How the Dominos Will Fall. We’re sending thousands of troops to Afghanistan, btw. We end with magic.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 119 Part 1. They All Lie

Mark Beef returns to contemplate H. P. Lovecraft, the possible assassination of the leader of ISIS, and the not-so definitive RA list of Fantasy/Scifi and American history books. Then we parry a bit over Trump and whether he’s worse than the rest of these goons, a bit about the Philando Castile decision, and a Shot in the Dark.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 118 Part 2. Slurking Toward Bethlehem

Kristine Richter joins us again to marvel at the Skeleton Fox of Tucson, AZ, and the secret story behind the Qatar Crisis, this week. Then, John busts out with the ultimate compilation of Mandela Effects, and a couple of these will blow you away. Then it’s some truly mind-boggling news on the Trump/Russia story. A few more tidbits on the Comey testimony, and we end with some huge ideas relating the bicameral mind to magic and language.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 118 Part 1. Mama Blunderbuss

We use Game of Thrones to talk about how gunpowder ended the Age of Castles overnight. We cover the Comey hearings little-by-little throughout the show. Then it’s Anger Management, Dream Edition. Bryan’s list of Overrated Shit is likely to raise some eyebrows. John presents some recommendations on great documentary films, and we move on to mourning the loss of three American soldiers in America’s longest-running war. We dive in to a great RA dilemma pertaining to Bernie Sanders’ questionable use of a ‘religious test’ for office. Then it’s the dangers of concussive blasts and earthquake-chasing. There is some speculation that Bryan inadvertently creates a new nickname for himself, ‘The Natural Disaster.’

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 117 Part 2. Legend of the Waddling Outhouse

Brian Sanders is still with us, and we start by building a bridge between libertarianism and progressivism, and discussing how the Peter Principle explains our favorite cuck, Sean Spicey. We move into the central importance of the environment, and how deniers are ‘not even wrong.’ Then it’s more on tyranny and Trump/Russia (President Evil). We go on to address recent events involving free speech and offensive images/words. We offer some respite from politics with the truly fascinating theory of the bicameral mind, which purports to explain why ancient peoples literally heard the voice of God! We end with a great radical agnostic moral dilemma, courtesy of Mr. Sanders. Be sure to tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 117 Part 1. Message From the Dream World

We begin with the mystery of Carol Burnish, a ghost from the dream world, revealed to Bryan in a lucid dream! Then it’s on to a fascinating discussion about the genius mind-control parasite, Toxoplasma Gondii. Next, we delve into the speed of dark and the Dunning-Krueger Effect, which proves that we know less every day. John speculates on becoming a Luciferian, and the boys highlight the importance of heroines in fiction. We end with a preview of the political analysis coming up on Part 2.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 116 Part 2. Not Hotdog

Today, we dive right in with a new installment of Anger Management, and more on the postmodern origins of the Regressive Left. Then it’s on to Science News, and the Extremely Large Telescope, AKA, the ‘Big Looking Tube.’ From there, it’s on to the Trump/Russia fiasco. Bryan slays with the question “Is that a dick, or Paul Ryan?” Then it’s more science news, and John previews his coming takedown of Sam Harris’ argument against free will.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 116 Part 1. The Philosopher King

We start with John’s Bitcoin Blunder before covering new evidence of coordinated hunting behaviors by the Cuban Boa. From there, we assess the recent victory of a congressional candidate who assaulted a reporter. This plays into the larger issue of counterfeit masculinity in the Right wing. Onward to the French handshake heard around the world, and more on the National Embarrassment’s European tour. Then a ray of sunshine on the Fanatical Forty percent, and a Shot in the Dark.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 115 Part 2. Hope.

We start with Facebook woes and Bryan’s new list of ‘stupid shit.’ John updates his list of TV rankings, and goes on to Radical Agnosticize the crap out of himself on ESP and other ‘psy’ phenomena. We move on to PolitiKillMeNow, and some musings on the notorious 40%. From there it only gets better.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 115 Part 1. Back on Track

We begin with pseudocryptozoology, including some exciting animal news and stories from the annals of Bryan’s outdoor adventures. Then John recaps the big wedding in Philadelphia and his theatrical debut on the Beast Coast. We drift into an analysis of the last ten days in politics, and John finally stakes out a firm position on the conspiracy theory. Finally, John offers up what nearly amounts to breaking news on the walking scandal that is Donald Trump, and honestly, it’s pretty damn significant. The show ends abruptly after that because…editing. But that breaking news appears to be 100% legit.