The Radical Agnostic. Ep 142 Part 1. Blood on the Dance Floor

The Working-Class Philosophers discuss John’s Big Break, a dance-floor conversation about suicide, and the latest on the Tax Scam. We also dig into quantum computing and the ongoing Bitcoin rally, where Mark delivers some wisdom on markets and finance, and a hilarious story about his new lawyer.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 141 Part 2. Mysterianism and Meaning

Mark and John talk about Man’s Search for Meaning, predictions on the tax cut, the idea that there are things human beings cannot know. Then it’s new evidence that eggs play an active role in fertilization! Next, rapid evolution was observed in the Galapagos. Then, Stuff Keeps Getting Older!

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 140 Part 1. America’s Ass/Elbow Crisis

We begin by reviewing the circus of current American political and social events. Then we investigate the headline claiming that an Air Force General would resist a nuclear strike order by Trump. We touch on a bunch of other stuff too, including the meaning behind the Satanic pentagram, and why John is not a Satanist.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 139 Part 2. Incredible Scientific Discoveries

Nine million year-old hominin teeth?! Then John reports the truly gratifying news that the Clovis hypothesis of the first humans in the Americas, is finally DEAD! Then it’s two fascinating new discoveries about ants. We rap about a new study on American political ideology, and then discuss the November 4th Antifa riots that never were.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 139 Part 1. Fools, Russian

John and Bryan dive into the case of the two women and their dogs, lost at sea for five months. Then it’s a quick political roundup, and the bizarre requirements when KISS plays in Germany. We also address some of the different sex abuse allegations emerging recently.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 137 Part 2. At the Edge of the Eschaton

After ranting wildly about the Eschaton (end of times), John’s Bitcoin Blunder, and free money, we discuss a new theory that Jesus was a Roman hoax to trick the Jews. Then its some musings on wealth and getting into Heaven, and a new study on Near Death Experiences! Then, what would happen if Twitter banned the President? We end with tales of optimism from the Secretary of Hate!

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 137 Part 1. Gewgaws and Gimcracks

The boys reignite the Vlad But True segment with a bang, as well as discussing crimes by the NYC Board of Elections. With a sprinkling of tangent, John then attempts to dig deeper in the religion argument with alternative ideas about the origins of spirituality.