The Radical Agnostic. Ep 126 Part 2. Cult of The Respectable

We begin with the Dancing Plague of 1518, and move on to the psychedelic gospel of Terrence McKenna. Then we finally cover the Overton Bubble, a fascinating concept that is more relevant than ever in the wake of Charlottesville. That discussion leads the guys to some very real insights. Rick and Morty highlights, and a few other tidbits close it out.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 126 Part 1. Baba Yaga

We start with a funny meme and Mark’s brutally obscene joke that starts at 1:05 and ends on 1:35, in case you want to skip it (you might!). Then it’s the truth about Humpty Dumpty, and our attempt to forge a novel perspective on the recent gathering of bigots and the act of terrorism that resulted. Next, we explore another case of fiction becoming reality, as the world’s greatest expert on Sherlock Holmes dies under very mysterious circumstances. We end withBaba Yaga, the haggard witch from Slavic folklore and all of our nightmares.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 125 Part 2. The Problem of Good

We begin by rethinking the famous Marshmallow Test, which analyzed delayed gratification among children. Then, a new study on language acquisition sheds new light on that unique human ability. We talk about the origins of the Oroborus Wyrm, perhaps the most potent of all mystical symbols, and then John presents his Problem of Good, or the experience of sorrow in the presence of something beautiful. Anger, humor, and how Bryan’s ‘attorney’ taught him about more than just jurisprudence. We end with the weirdest things we’ve ever stolen.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 125 Part 1. The Voynich Manuscript

We start with a few words on the longest war in American history. Then, did a 19th science fiction writer predict the future of American politics? We move on the most mysterious book in the world: the Voynich Manuscript! Finally, what are some innovative ways to limit human reproduction, and do we really need so many men?

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 124 Part 2. Origins of the Sabbatic Goat

We continue Politi-Kill-Me-Now pertaining to the national ideological divide, and the fascinating new sanctions strategy from Congress. Then, a new ‘ghost’ species of the Homo genus is discovered in human saliva. Next, it’s the surprising origins of Baphomet, or the Sabbatic Goat of Satanism. We end by squeezing an Anger Management out of Bryan.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 124 Part 1. Swimping to Shore

We start with highlights from Bryan’s latest wilderness trek. Then it’s the Halifax Explosion, the largest pre-atomic blast ever. Then John describes the bizarre moment when he saw his doppelganger in the produce section. Some new adventures in dream land lead to PolitiKillMeNow, including drama regarding the Mooch (RIP), and presidential pardoning power. We finish with a day on Saturn, before an abrupt ending due to technical difficulties.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 123 Part 2. Dueling Wisdoms

We start with an analysis of the North Korean Missile Crisis, and move swiftly on to the supposed sixth Mass Extinction Event, coming to a city near you! Then it’s Vlad but True, as the Russia conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact. John finally reveals the coolest thing in the world, and then gets personal about his life. Mark then spits some very real insight into John’s Dueling Wisdoms.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 123 Part 1. Tore Up

Mark and John rap about the devil, Tucson wildlife, and dogs and cats who shot their owners. The candy black-market at John’s grade-school leads into a breakdown of an argument against simulation theory. Then John argues that mathematics is a branch of logic, followed by a Shot In The Dark which goes completely unanswered. Finally, when are you most likely to die?

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 122 Part 2. AshkeNazi

We begin with breaking news on John’s ethnic heritage. Mark tells us about an all-woman music festival and recreational outrage culture in America. Then a Shot In The Dark: Which industry spends the most on lobbying in the US? We call out that bullshit coconut oil study, and move on to new data on the interbreeding of Humans and Neanderthals. Finally, we might just blow your mind with proof that Natural Selection is NOT a scientific theory.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 122 Part One. 0.999… = 1

We start out with Traitors of the Lost Ark: the Hobby Lobby scandal involving stolen Sumerian artifacts! Then we explore the interesting world of the Dataists, the people who believe that all existence boils down to algorithms and information. That fits well with our next topic, panpsychism, or the belief that the universe is conscious! Then it’s more scandal from the Catholic Church and some great Shots in the Dark.