The Radical Agnostic. Ep 136 Part 2. Right in the Kisser

Gym Rat Justin starts us off with one of the most impressive weight-loss stories you’ve ever heard, complete with a horrifying gym malfunction that almost ended him permanently! Then John finally responds to an atheist critique of Christians. Then John refutes his own argument that Bernie is successfully moving the Democratic Party, and declares Mark Beef the victor on that debate. Then it’s a Shot In The Dark on Cuban life expectancy, before John’s thorough critique of a listener’s essay on the link between atheism and capitalism.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 135 Part 2. Hero’s Engine

New research on psilocybin shows promising implications for depression treatment, duh. Then we debate whether IQ tests are inherently culturally biased. After that, John asks who these people are, who change their opinion of Trump based on random news stories. Then, were the Romans really on the verge of Calculus and the steam engine, before Christianity messed it all up??

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 135 Part 1. Sonic Weapons

The sound problems resolve after a minute or two! Mark and John begin by investigating The Case of the Missing Stuff, a huge problem for astrophysics… Then it’s the truly mysterious sound heard by US diplomats in Cuba, before suffering brain injury. Next, is there anything John WON’T impeach Trump for? Then John tries a new argument to justify Bernie’s run as a Damn Dirty Democrat.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 132 Part 2. Bannermen of the Mundane

Bryan gives the recipe for his award-winning cocktail, The Wildling, and we discuss some scary new research on sleep deprivation. John tells stories from High School Hell, and then a brainless animal that sleeps! Then John propose a novel criticism of New Atheism.

The Radical Agnostic. Ep 131 Part 2. Webcats, Walldogs, and Octopaws

John and Bryan discuss sick heavy metal and the archaic revival- the process of looking back to shamanic societies for wisdom and guidance. Bryan tells us about webcats, walldogs, and octopaws. Then, why did life on Earth evolve so rapidly at first, and then slow down? If you find out, let us know  Bryan throws down a savage Kapernick rant, one for the books. Then, don’t miss part 2 of the Dyatlov Pass Incident, a damn creepy mystery!!